Tune Glue

Welcome to Tune Glue, a tool for creating your next DJ set using the principles of harmonic mixing. Enter the tempo and key for the current track, and select what type of response you would like to see in your audience. Tune Glue will suggest the key and tempo of a track that will make the crowd go wild, or relax. Transition time will help you plan how long you have to mix your incoming and outgoing tracks together, based on their relative BPM and harmonic similarity.

Enter the attributes of the current (outgoing) track:

Tempo (beats per minute):

Please enter BPM between 40 and 280.

Camelot key code (see chart):

Please enter a valid Camelot code.

Select the desired crowd response:

Please select response.

Suggestions for the next (incoming) track:

Camelot codes (key):
Transition time:
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